Our approach is simple and the shortest path to start-up success.

1. You pitch us your start-up and/or idea

If you have a start-up or even a game changing idea, one that has digital at its heart, and has global potential, we’ll listen to your story. We expect to see all your founders and we expect you to have a plan for how you’d spend our investment in you.

We are interested in most sectors, including ecommerce, social, travel, classifieds, property, personal finance, retail, and more, regardless of whether we’re talking B2C, B2B, B2B2C, or C2C.

You should have an initial elevator pitch ready, e.g. “XYZ is an online meal order & delivery service matching hungry consumers with great local food preparers. We’re eBay for takeout orders.”

You must thoroughly understand the problem(s) you are trying to solve and how you are going to solve them.

You should have an initial business model, which shows how you plan to make money. It should cover revenue models, e.g. direct (ecommerce), indirect (advertising), whether recurring revenue or not, how much you think you can charge, revenue by country, etc.

You should have researched the size of the markets and any potential competitors. Be honest and upfront about competitors - we’ll find them whether you’re honest or not.

We would like to meet all the founders and key people. We are investing as much in the people as the idea after all. Do not bring more than 5 people.

You should prepare a short presentation and demo if possible. Your first few slides should sell the founders and key staff. When you prepare the body of your presentation think:

  • Opportunity - size of market, growth of market, etc.
  • Problem - what you are trying to solve
  • Solution - how you solve and how you do this differently from competition if any exists

We are interested in smart go-to-market ideas but we are not interested in detailed marketing plans at this stage.

You should assume you have one hour for the following agenda however you should block out two hours in case the meeting overruns:

  • Introductions
  • Presentation
  • Demo (if possible)
  • Questions
  • Feedback
2. We invest

We provide capital, our guidance and support, and our resources where relevant and necessary, in exchange for equity. We don’t like complex ownership structures or too many founding directors. We like things simple.

3. We sit on your board

acceleratr.co’s Managing Partners will sit on your board. This gives you credibility to the outside world, gives you board directors who can provide structure to board meetings, and people willing to ask the difficult questions, and who have answers to most of them. When every decision counts, you’ll want people there who have made those kinds of decisions before.

4. We provide strategy, advice, support

acceleratr.co consists of true experts in their fields – Technology, Marketing, and Finance – three of the main ingredients that make a successful business, and a level of skill and experience that would not be typically within your reach. Imagine what you could do with the best of the best in technology, marketing, and finance on your side.

5. We get you ready for major funding

We know what VC and PE firms look for when they invest multiple millions in start-ups and our job is to get you ready for that, tap our connections to get those conversations going, and provide advice on what to do and when to maximise your value.

How we differ?

Other Start-Up Accelerators The acceleratr difference
Rigid in-take windows. We don’t have set times for in-take. We’re ready when you’re ready.
13 week programme. We don’t force you through a one-size fits all programme. You are entrepreneurs with burning ambition and you want a tailored approach.
Programme end date. We don’t have hard and fast end dates. We have invested in you and want you to succeed.
Class room environment. We don’t operate a class room environment where you’re treated like students.
Encourage you to compete with others in the accelerator. You are not in competition with other companies in our accelerator. We want you focused on what you need to do and not what unrelated businesses are doing.
Long list of mentors many of which with limited experience or success. Our mentors are all very experienced and respected individuals who have all launched their own successful businesses. Our mentors have all been selected for their particular expertise whether it is technology, online marketing, finance, legal, etc. We’re not trying to blind you with a long page of mentors. For us it’s about quality not quantity.
Limited access to investors and mentors. Our mentors are readily accessible whether it be face to face, phone, Skype, etc.
Large numbers of shareholders, e.g. 10-13, invest small sums of money creating administrative overhead. Small number of serious investors.
Exist because of SEIS scheme. Whilst we leverage the SEIS scheme we would still be doing this if it didn’t exist. We are passionate about helping companies grow and reach their maximum potential.
Numbers game betting on as many businesses that they can accumulate in the hope that one or two will be successful. They can afford to bet this way as they essentially get their investment back through the SEIS scheme if the business fails and programme fees that delivers them revenue. It’s not a numbers game for us. We don’t want to be the largest accelerator. We only select companies that we believe have a good chance of succeeding, where we can make a real difference, and never more than we can handle. That way we are better able to help you succeed.
Leverage European funds so don’t care as much about failure as it’s not their money. Our investors are investing their personal wealth. They want a return. They care.